The Perils of Discounting

Last month I wrote a post, When to Use Low Prices to Grab Market Share, in which I described situations where that pricing strategy worked and where it[..]

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Big Returns from Incremental Investments

All companies want to improve their profitability and deliver more value to their shareholders, but the best ways to do that are often debated. Pricing[..]

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The Myth of the Rational Consumer - Take 2

In May I wrote a blog, The Myth of the Rational Consumer, in which I gave examples of consumers having problems with the cars they drove on the race[..]

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The Myth of the Rational Consumer

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog Race for Better Service, Not Lower Prices, in which I discussed sports-car owners changing service garages because of poor[..]

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Net Neutrality - Capture Value or Provide Subsidies?

By Scott Francis on Value Pricing, Pricing Economics / Post a Comment

I wrote a blog in the spring about the net neutrality debate, saying companies should be allowed to capture the value they deliver. Recently President[..]

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