Increase Your Prices Without Angering Your Customers

In 2016 we saw several examples of companies raising prices rapidly and causing an uproar in the process.   Classpass canceled their subscription to[..]

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No Sacred Cows

The year 2016 is almost over.  All businesses should reflect on what has worked, and what has not worked; and they should be prepared to adjust in[..]

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Blending Generics in Your Product Lineup

After getting raked over the coals by Congress earlier this year, Mylan is preparing to release a generic version of their EpiPen, Mylan To Start[..]

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Don't Chase Pricing Ghosts

Today is Halloween, but it is no time to be spooked by the challenge of increasing prices to fully capture the value of your products or services.  In[..]

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Improvement Requires Involvement

I recently spoke with the head of pricing for a multi-billion dollar, multi-division company about their goals for price improvement.  His team leads[..]

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Should You Fire Low Margin Customers?

A somewhat popular tactic of companies looking to improve their margins is to identify their low-margin customers and fire them. They don’t go Donald[..]

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Don't Make Your Customers Angry

Earlier this month Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750.00, an increase of more than 5000%. There were immediate[..]

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Someone Has To Lead

Earlier this month, Hertz announced they would be raising the price of most on-airport car rentals by $5 per day, Hertz to Raise Car-Rental Rates.[..]

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Make More Money Without Being Perfect

By Scott Francis on Price Increases, Change Management, Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

Fear of change and fear of failure often cause companies to abandon their efforts to be more strategic in their pricing decisions. Statements like “We[..]

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Be Bold -It's Time For Price Increases

By Scott Francis on Price Increases, Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

We are seeing more and more evidence that prices are increasing in a number of markets, so if you are refining your pricing strategies and plans for[..]

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