Pricing Lessons from the Pharmaceutical Industry

Over the past several months, pricing strategies and practices of the pharmaceutical industry have been a subject of discussion, many times for the[..]

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Dealing with Pricing Complaints

If customers complain about your pricing, should you do something? A few things have occurred recently that have prompted me to write this post. In[..]

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Skipping the Discount Frenzy

Last month REI announced all 143 stores would be closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, REI will urge Black Friday shoppers to go outside instead.[..]

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Don't Make Your Customers Angry

Earlier this month Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750.00, an increase of more than 5000%. There were immediate[..]

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"The Market Sets the Price" is Not a Strategy

“The market sets the price!” We have all heard that statement and many treat it as axiomatic. After all, there are limits to prices on every product or[..]

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Someone Has To Lead

Earlier this month, Hertz announced they would be raising the price of most on-airport car rentals by $5 per day, Hertz to Raise Car-Rental Rates.[..]

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The Downside of Black Friday and Other Price Competition

Black Friday was disappointing for retailers this year. Sales were down 11% from last year, ‘Black Friday’ Fades as Weekend Retail Sales Sink, and I[..]

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Shop Small Communicates Value

By Scott Francis on Marketing, Value Pricing, Price communication / Post a Comment

In the past few weeks I have seen a number of posts on Twitter, Facebook, Google + and an American Express TV commercial urging people to “Shop Small”[..]

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Remember the 5 Cs of Pricing

By Scott Francis on Value Pricing, Pricing Strategy, Price communication / Post a Comment

I recently saw a short white paper on pricing strategy in which they referred to the 5 Cs of pricing. If you do a web search of that term, you will[..]

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Know Your Buyer Type Before Negotiating

By Scott Francis on Negotiation, Price communication / Post a Comment

"Make him an offer you can’t refuse," is one of the most famous lines from the Godfather movies, in which Don Corleone tells his lawyer Tom Hagen to[..]

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