Pick A Pricing Strategy That Fits Your Business

Late last month I presented at the Professional Pricing Society conference, along with several other pricing experts and practitioners.  During a[..]

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Lessons For The Labor Market From Dynamic Pricing

By Scott Francis on Dynamic pricing, Supply and demand, surge pricing / Post a Comment

I was recently discussing the labor market with the CEO of an industrial services company.  He said they were having difficulty attracting enough[..]

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Dynamic Pricing Benefits Everyone.  Politicians Should Stay Out of It

By Scott Francis on Dynamic pricing, Economics, Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

Last week an article in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette focused on the potential for the use dynamic of pricing in Pittsburgh parking, Let's make smart[..]

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A Surge By Any Other Name Is Just as Sweet

If you've ever tried to take an Uber during a rainstorm or on a holiday, you know why surge pricing can be unpopular. Then again, if you've been picked[..]

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