Don't Fall for Scary Stories and False Correlations

Last week Andy Kessler wrote an article in the Wall Street Journal, The High Cost of Raising Prices, which might scare you into thinking you will ruin[..]

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Making Money is the Objective

Last month I read an article, How Amazon’s Pricing Algorithm is Designed to Hurt Consumers, that implied Amazon is not as customer focused as they[..]

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Pricing Strategies for the Many Faced God

I have been watching the Game of Thrones the past several seasons. I love the rich scenery, the diverse range of characters, and the intriguing,[..]

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Make Sure Your Product Lineup is Properly Positioned

We have written many times before in our blogs and newsletters that customers are not all equal.  They have different needs, they value product[..]

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Dealing with Pricing Complaints

If customers complain about your pricing, should you do something? A few things have occurred recently that have prompted me to write this post. In[..]

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When Size Matters

Late last month there was an article in the Wall Street Journal, Smaller Sizes Add Pop to Soda Sales, describing the attempts by Coke and Pepsi to sell[..]

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Sell the Product, Not A Low Price

Time and again I hear people lament that their competitors’ products are just as good as their own, and prices have to be low to win sales. The general[..]

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It's the Segments!

A few days ago Marriott announced they would be merging with Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Arne Sorenson, the President and CEO of Marriott International,[..]

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Customer Segmentation in the Wireless Market

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy, Segmentation, Bundles, Customer Needs / Post a Comment

For years cell phone service came with 2-year contracts and included a discount on a new telephone. In the past year, however, T-Mobile started a trend[..]

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Make the Effort to Understand Customer Needs

You know inherently that customers are not all the same. I have written in the past about the importance of segmenting your customers and working to[..]

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