Four Tips for Measuring the Effectiveness of Pricing

By Scott Francis on Data Driven Pricing, Measurement, Analytics / Post a Comment


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Sell the Product, Not A Low Price

Time and again I hear people lament that their competitors’ products are just as good as their own, and prices have to be low to win sales. The general[..]

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New Year's Resolutions for Pricing

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions with great intentions, but perhaps miss carrying out some of them. Even if you made great progress this year, we[..]

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When to Use Multi-part Pricing

By Scott Francis on Value Pricing, Incentives, Pricing Strategy, Bundles / Post a Comment

Earlier this month there was an article in the Wall Street Journal, Why Gadget Warranties Are (Almost) Never Worth It, pointing out the disadvantageous[..]

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Pricing Strategies That Last

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

I have written a number of blog posts about pricing strategies and business strategy in general. Setting strategy is fundamentally about making choices[..]

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It's the Segments!

A few days ago Marriott announced they would be merging with Starwood Hotels & Resorts. Arne Sorenson, the President and CEO of Marriott International,[..]

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Skipping the Discount Frenzy

Last month REI announced all 143 stores would be closed on Thanksgiving and Black Friday, REI will urge Black Friday shoppers to go outside instead.[..]

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Retailer Pain Offers B2B Pricing Lessons

By Scott Francis on Value Pricing, Pricing Strategy, Customer Behavior / Post a Comment

A recent article in Business Insider, No one pays full price anymore - and it's terrifying companies, highlighted the perils of discounting. The[..]

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The Myth of the Rational Consumer - Take 2

In May I wrote a blog, The Myth of the Rational Consumer, in which I gave examples of consumers having problems with the cars they drove on the race[..]

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Don't Make Your Customers Angry

Earlier this month Turing Pharmaceuticals raised the price of Daraprim from $13.50 to $750.00, an increase of more than 5000%. There were immediate[..]

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