How Conjoint Analysis Can Help with Pricing Decisions

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We often tell our clients they should pay more attention to how their customers behave rather than what the customers say.  We don’t mean to imply that[..]

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Lessons For The Labor Market From Dynamic Pricing

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I was recently discussing the labor market with the CEO of an industrial services company.  He said they were having difficulty attracting enough[..]

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The Power of a Multi-Part Pricing Strategy

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Last week I ordered tickets to a spring training baseball game, and it was another demonstration of the power of multi-part pricing.  By that I mean[..]

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Pricing Strategies for Inflationary Times

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I read an article in the Wall Street Journal Friday, New Worry for CEOs: Rising Costs From Metals to Meat, that discussed recent increases in[..]

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Irrationality Has Its Limits

A couple years ago I wrote a post, The Myth of the Rational Consumer, in which I discussed evidence that customers really don’t want to change products[..]

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The Price of Simplicity

We are occasionally asked by clients or prospective clients to help them simplify their pricing.  These requests are usually the result of the company[..]

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New Year's Resolutions for Pricing

Many of us make New Year’s resolutions with great intentions, but perhaps miss carrying out some of them. Even if you made great progress this year, we[..]

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A Post-Christmas Carol

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Twas the week after Christmas and all through the lands
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Customers Are More Loyal Than You Think

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I am constantly reminded that customers don’t always behave the way the say they will, or the way we think they will.  Earlier this month I read an[..]

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The Problem With Fake Discounts

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Donald Trump likes to call any reporting critical to him or his presidency Fake News.  While that is a thin-skinned reaction to the stories, the[..]

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