Willingness To Pay - A Lesson From Baseball

By Scott Francis on / 1 Comment

I am a lifelong fan of the San Francisco Giants.  I waited a long time before they finally won a World Series in 2010, and then again in 2012 and[..]

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How to Segment When All Customers Look Alike

Customer segmentation is a simple concept – identify groups of customers who tend to have similar levels of price sensitivity and set distinct prices[..]

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Is Your Goal Volume or Profit?

Taylor Swift and some other performers appear to have decided the old concert ticket-pricing model was not profitable enough and they have changed[..]

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Don't Be Misled by BS

By Scott Francis on / Post a Comment

Last week I read an article in the Wall Street Journal, 'How to Lie With Statistics': Teachers Union Edition, in which Alyssia Finley pointed out a[..]

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Satisfied Customers Increase Your Pricing Power

By Scott Francis on pricing power, Customer satisfaction / Post a Comment

I recently played golf with two doctors, following which we discussed customer satisfaction and customer ratings.  One of the physicians, let’s call[..]

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Segmentation:  Matching Price Sensitivity and Features

By Scott Francis on Segmentation, Price Sensitivity, customer value / Post a Comment

Last week I read an article in the Wall Street Journal, The Secret Other Reason Basic Economy Is Everywhere.  In the article, the writer seemed to[..]

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How Conjoint Analysis Can Help with Pricing Decisions

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We often tell our clients they should pay more attention to how their customers behave rather than what the customers say.  We don’t mean to imply that[..]

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Lessons For The Labor Market From Dynamic Pricing

By Scott Francis on Dynamic pricing, Supply and demand, surge pricing / Post a Comment

I was recently discussing the labor market with the CEO of an industrial services company.  He said they were having difficulty attracting enough[..]

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The Power of a Multi-Part Pricing Strategy

By Scott Francis on Pricing strategy, multi-part pricing, Pricing, value, segmentation / Post a Comment

Last week I ordered tickets to a spring training baseball game, and it was another demonstration of the power of multi-part pricing.  By that I mean[..]

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Pricing Strategies for Inflationary Times

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy, Inflation, Price increases, value, customer value / Post a Comment

I read an article in the Wall Street Journal Friday, New Worry for CEOs: Rising Costs From Metals to Meat, that discussed recent increases in[..]

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