Walgreens Pricing: Differentiation is Smart

By Scott Francis on Analytics, Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

CNN Money published an article September 6th meant to alarm consumers that they may be paying too much at Walgreens:[..]

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Private Labels and Store Brands

By Scott Francis on Analytics, Pricing Strategy / 2 Comments

According to Consumer Reports in this article http://www.today.com/money/dont-be-afraid-buy-store-brand-food-consumer-reports-says-8C11022220, for many[..]

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The Dangers of Leading with Price

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy / 1 Comment

You are behind on your sales quota for the quarter or year at Acme Cool Products, so you are looking to make up some ground and get back on track. Like[..]

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Are You Misusing Customer Satisfactions Surveys?

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A service provider called me recently, unhappy that I had not given his firm the highest rating in every category. His purpose was not to find out why[..]

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Changing the Cell Phone Game?

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

Last week AT&T announced another pricing change, their second in two months, when they reported they will begin to allow wireless customers to avoid[..]

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Change Management & Golf

By Scott Francis on Change Management / Post a Comment

I have always been a mediocre golfer with aspirations of being a good golfer. This year I decided to make a concerted effort to work on my game as[..]

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What If

By Scott Francis on Innovation / Post a Comment

My daughter graduated from high school two weeks ago, and I was a proud papa watching her receive her diploma. I also listened closely to all the[..]

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The Racer's Edge

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

Memorial Day weekend is the biggest weekend in auto racing. It starts with Formula One cars in the Monaco Grand Prix, followed by Indy Cars in the[..]

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Two Part Pricing: AT&T’s New Plan

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy, Innovation / Post a Comment

AT&T announced a new fee in their wireless data plans this week, and I think it is a good idea. All companies want to find the optimum prices for their[..]

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Ferrari Pricing

By Scott Francis on Value Pricing, Pricing Strategy / Post a Comment

This past weekend I was at an event where everyday people drove their cars on the Watkins Glen racetrack under the guidance of Porsche Club[..]

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