Pick A Pricing Strategy That Fits Your Business

Late last month I presented at the Professional Pricing Society conference, along with several other pricing experts and practitioners.  During a[..]

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Don't Misuse Your Data

By Scott Francis on Analytics, data analysis, Segmentation, Data Driven Pricing / 1 Comment

I have written posts in the past about the importance of developing analytics that use your data to understand where your pricing is effective and[..]

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Premium Brands and Price Sensitive Customers

In July, the University of Pennsylvania announced the offering of online degrees in Masters and Bachelors programs, which are designed to appeal to[..]

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High Price Poor Quality Death Spiral

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy, value, customer value, Online competition / Post a Comment

For my daily news, I subscribe to the Wall Street Journal, Miami Herald, New York Times, Washington Post, and the Florida Times-Union.  Interestingly,[..]

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Pricing Strategies Should Endure, Individual Prices Should Not

Five, five, five-dollar footlong.  Who doesn’t remember that jingle?  During the last recession, Subway announced their promotion for footlong subs[..]

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The Case Against More Price Regulation

Two weeks ago I wrote a blog post, Don’t Get Angry About Prices– Change Your Buying Behavior, in which I opined getting angry about pricing[..]

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Don’t Get Angry About Prices – Change Your Buying Behavior

During my recent vacation, there were multiple occasions where consumers expressed anger to me about prices they had paid or had refused to pay.  The[..]

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Why Healthcare Pricing Power Is So Strong

By Scott Francis on pricing power, healthcare, Incentives, Supply and demand / Post a Comment

According to the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis, during the past 20 years the inflation rate for medical care has been 70% higher than headline CPI[..]

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Use Segmentation to Grow, Not Exclude Customers

By Scott Francis on Segmentation / Post a Comment

This past week I had two buyer experiences with interesting examples of segmentation, although the sellers may not have realized they were segmenting[..]

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Pfizer's Logical Approach to Price Increases

By Scott Francis on Pricing Strategy, pricing power / Post a Comment

Last week Pfizer announced increases in the list prices of more than 40 drugs for the second time within the year.  The increases average 9.4%. [..]

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